My Story

Sara Lovett

I was born in a small town in England called, Epsom just south of London. Epsom is known for two hospitals – one of which is a mental ward – I was born in the other one. I lived there until I was about nine years old before my father took a job in France. We moved to Versailles for two years. There I went to a French speaking school which was challenging to say the least – not just the language but the culture. I communicated with my teacher, Mme Chopin, through an English to French dictionary!  We taught each other a different language which I find quite cool now. I had an awkward but glorious experience living there. Our perception of how to fit in is always one a step away I think, but as soon as we let go all kinds of wonderful things open up to us. They did to me. I made some gorgeous friends and saw a country that otherwise would have gone largely unknown to me.

From there I moved back to England before we set off for Dallas, TX.  I was in love with the TV show of the same name back then and all of my friends were jealous of my coming to live at Southfork – ha! I remember on our first trip out here to the new world to find a house they asked me to bring them back some rocks from JR’s house. When I got back and gave it to them it was like handing them a piece of Elvis himself. Such was the hysteria of that TV show.

There was again, in the U.S, a kind of culture shock that caught me a bit off guard because we are all English speakers. I came face to face with sponge rollers and drill teams and the word, ‘y’all.’ All very different and exciting.

I went on to The University of Texas at Austin where I got my BFA degree with a concentration in acting. I moved off to San Diego, have lived in Los Angeles, Burbank, South Pasadena, and finally back to Dallas again.

Along the road I have felt quite out of place at times – me with my skinny jeans, gold shoes and own sense of style, but moving around as much as we have has given me a unique perspective of what home means. Always being in search of it, it lost a physical meaning for me, and became more about people, which is why I wander, and why I think I write mostly about it – where home is inside the human condition.

I’m itching to get off somewhere else, I don’t know where that will be, but it’s exciting to roam this world and all its corners. Love is all around, you know.